Donation from Freemasons Lodge of Aveland

Bourne Foodbank was ever so pleased, to be one of the lucky recipients selected for a donation from the Freemasons Lodge of Aveland.

The good news was given by loge secretary W Bro Barry Harriman (pictured left) who initiated the process in May this year.

Barry stated “The lodge is very keen to support local charities and organisations, we are part of the Lincolnshire Province of Freemasons and the money donated is part of a total of over £34,000 given this year to local charities and organisations throughout the County” for further information please visit:  

On Tuesday 13 October, a cheque of £500 was presented to Bourne Foodbank by the lodge Charity steward, W Bro Brent Pottle (pictured right).

On behalf of Bourne Foodbank, I thank Barry and all members from the Lodge of Aveland, for their kindness in considering and nominating Bourne Foodbank for this donation, which we are extremely grateful.

Donation from Freemasons Lodge of Aveland